Map will appear when a Helltide is active.

Diablo 4 Helltide FAQ

How to use the Helltide Tracker and Mystery Chest Locator
To use the Helltide Tracker and Mystery Chest locator, watch the countdown on the website for the Helltide to begin. Tap the Speaker icon on the top of the page for an audio alert when a Helltide goes active. When the Helltide is active, watch the interactive map for active Mystery Chest pings. If you have 250 Cinders, you can visit an active chest and open it for Legendary loot. is community-driven, so users can log in via or Discord to help vote on active chests and help make things run more smoothly.
What are Mystery Chests?
Tortured Gifts of Mysteries are chests that spawn during Helltide events in Diablo 4. They cost 250 Aberrant Cinders to open and have a chance to drop between 1 to 5 Legendary items, including Sacred Legendaries in World Tier 3 and Ancestral Legendaries in World Tier 4. Unlike other Tortured Gifts chests, these chests do not show up on the map until you are near them.
How many Mystery Chests spawn during a Helltide?
Four possible Mystery Chest spawn locations exist in Fractured Peaks, Hawezar, Dry Steppes, and Scosglen. Two of these will be active at any given time. Kehjistan has more than four Mystery Chest spawn locations, with three active at any given time.
How many Mystery Chests can you open during a Helltide event?
Players can loot up to four Mystery Chests in Fractured Peaks, Hawezar, Dry Steppes, and Scosglen within a single Helltide event if the Helltide event does not start at the top of an hour. The exception is if a Helltide event takes place in the Kehjistan region, in which case players can potentially loot up to six Mystery Chests in a single Helltide event.
What is a Helltide?
A Helltide is a region-wide event in Diablo 4 that is available in all World Tiers (as of Season 4). Helltides feature empowered servants of Lilith called Hellborn, which are more challenging and drop better loot. Helltides can occur in any of the five regions of Sanctuary. Monsters in a Helltide drop a currency called Cinders, used to open Helltide Chests within the event zone, and Baneful Hearts, used to summon the Blood Maiden at Accursed Rituals. Dying will result in losing a large portion of your Cinders.
What are Living Steel Chests in Diablo 4?
Tortured Gift of Living Steel chests cost 275 Cinders to open and contain Living Steel, Forgotten Souls, Fiend Rose, and Elixirs. Living Steel is a consumable summoning material used in the Hall of the Penitent Lair in central Dry Steppes to summon Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint. You will need 2 Living Steel in World Tier 3 and 5 Living Steel in World Tier 4 to summon Grigoire.
When do Helltide events start in Diablo 4?
Helltide events begin at the top of each hour. Each Helltide event lasts 55 minutes. See the Diablo 4 Helltides timer for the next Helltide start time.
Can Legion Events and World Bosses spawn in Helltide zones?
Yes, both Legion Events and World Bosses can spawn in Helltide regions. The monsters in these events will have an increased level.
What are Accursed Rituals?
Accursed Rituals are a summoning event located within any active Helltide region. Three Baneful Hearts are required to summon the Blood Maiden from Accursed Rituals. The Blood Maiden can drop Legendary Items, Lord Zir Mats, a chance for end-game bossing materials, etc. Players or players in a party with a player who contributes to summoning the Blood Miaden will receive bonus loot from killing the boss.
How to get Baneful Hearts in Diablo 4
Baneful Hearts can be acquired by opening Tortured Gifts of Mysteries and slaying Hellborn and Doomsayer variant monsters within the Helltide zones.